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Nora Eccles Harrison Treadwell (aka Noni)

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Nora Eccles Harrison Treadwell

American, (1902–1978)

Nora taught at California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC; now CCA) 1952-53.. She also taught at Mills Collge in Oakland 1952-53. She was active in the Mills College Ceramics Guild. In 1973, she gave funds at CCA for the Noni Eccles Treadwell Ceramic Arts Center. She later founded the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art at Utah State University in 1982. The founding collection of the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art was Nora's personal ceramics collection of pots from friends and colleagues in the field, artists she admired, and several of her own pieces.

Nora developed the "N Glaze" or "Noni Glaze" developed. The "Noni Glaze" has wide temperature range and works in both oxidation and reduction.This glazed was used by Eunice Prieto, specifically shown in her piece, "Compote, 1984.779.

Artist Objects

Ashtray 1984.93

Bottle STUDY.1984.39

Bottle 1984.42

Bottle 1984.46

Bottle STUDY.1984.62

Bottle 1984.63

Bottle 1984.95

Bottle 1984.566

Bottle 1984.812

Bottle 1984.978

Bottle STUDY.1984.1612

Bowl STUDY.1984.31

Bowl 1984.33

Bowl 1984.35

Bowl STUDY.1984.44

Bowl 1984.47

Bowl STUDY.1984.48

Bowl STUDY.1984.49

Bowl 1984.50

Bowl STUDY.1984.52

Bowl STUDY.1984.53

Bowl STUDY.1984.54

Bowl 1984.56

Bowl 1984.57

Bowl 1984.58

Bowl 1984.94

Bowl STUDY.1984.510

Bowl STUDY.1984.557

Bowl STUDY.1984.558

Bowl 1984.666

Bowl STUDY.1984.767

Bowl STUDY.1984.801

Bowl STUDY.1984.821

Bowl STUDY.1984.831

Bowl STUDY.1984.962

Bowl 1984.970

Bowl 1984.972

Bowl STUDY.1984.984

Bowl STUDY.1984.999

Bowl STUDY.1984.1613

Bowl STUDY.1984.494

Creamer STUDY.1984.619

Cup 1984.45

Cup STUDY.1984.51

Cup STUDY.1984.618

Jug 1984.59

Pitcher 1984.60

Pitcher STUDY.1984.542

Pitcher 1984.546

Pitcher 1984.847

Plate STUDY.1984.55

Plate STUDY.1984.777

Plate 1984.822

Plate STUDY.1984.839

Teapot 1984.96

Vase STUDY.1984.38

Vase 1984.40

Vase 1984.803

Vase 1984.804

Vase 1984.876

Vase STUDY.1984.936

Vase STUDY.1984.990

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