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Laura Andreson

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Laura Andreson

American, (1902–1999)

Born in San Bernardino, California, Andreson began working with clay in the education department at the University of California, Los Angeles, while pursuing a degree in teaching. After her graduation in 1932, UCLA invited her to establish one of the first academic ceramics programs on the West Coast. She led the ceramics department—training hundreds of students—from 1933 until her retirement in 1970. Andreson was a daring figure for the time. For the entirety of her career at UCLA, she lived publicly as a lesbian with her partner, the painter Polly Blank. This was virtually unheard of during the early and mid-twentieth century, when individuals who were public about their untraditional sexual orientation were often fired from their jobs.

Artist Objects

Beaker 1993.49

Bottle 1984.904

Bottle 1984.989

Bottle 1984.1429

Bottle 1984.1648

Bottle 1984.1651

Bowl 1986.90

Bowl 1984.508

Bowl 1984.565

Bowl STUDY.1984.820

Bowl 1984.916

Bowl 1984.969

Bowl 1984.988

Bowl 1984.991

Bowl 1984.1426

Bowl 1984.1428

Bowl 1984.1431

Bowl 1984.1433

Bowl 1984.1649

Bowl 1984.1650

Jar 1984.809

Jar 1984.811

Vase STUDY.1984.937

Vase 1984.1427

Vase 1984.1430

Vase 1984.1432

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